Welcome to the Korona Csárda

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Hungarian Community Center, the Korona Csárda boasts the culinary expertise of top Hungarian chefs, preparing a range of authentic dishes. Our “all you can eat” buffet is the ideal place to immerse yourself in traditional Hungarian cuisine.

While the menu changes every week, our dishes often include the world famous Hungarian Goulash, stuffed cabbage (”szárma”), chicken paprikás with nokedli (egg dumpling), a wide variety of schnitzels, hearty Tokány (chicken or pork “ragu”) as well as some perennial favourites, floating island(madár tej) and lacy crépes.

Hungarian Cooking Course

Next class

  • Sunday 27th April  from 6pm

Make like a master chef 
. Get a four-hour Hungarian cooking class for $89 (Valued $145)
 Includes a glass of wine, plus you get to eat the meals you create!

 The step-by-step recipes are easy to follow 

 Hortobágyi Crepe, Whip up goulash, chicken paprika, Home made egg dumpling (Nokedli), Gundel crepes and more

. Includes all the ingredients needed for this culinary adventure

.  Not to mention you'll pick up a few practical Hungarian words

. Take home a $20 voucher to put towards your next dinner at Korona Csarda 

  Show off your new skills at your next dinner party!

 Send us an e-mail to find out which days re still avalible koronarestaurant@gmail.com 


Watch our video intro: http://vimeo.com/38886519


      We provide Party service for children


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Opening Hours

Friday 6pm - 11pm
Saturday 6pm - 11pm
Sunday 12pm - 3pm